Sunday, January 4, 2009

A New Years Look

My husband and I traveled over from Central Texas to Shreveport and then hopped on over the Hot Springs, Arkansas...if you have never gotten in the car and just let the wheel take over; then you sure are missing some darn pretty sites...
This is a closer view of the water falls that dot the Hot Springs side roads...

Find a river and follow its path...sure it is cold outside, but you have to get out of the car now and go take a look...

I have a program that allows me to paste a photo and then paint and distort what you actually see into a work of art...I have done this on many photos dotted about this site...

Hope you enjoyed some of the trip...there will be more to is one of my lil sis Chef E's poems to go with this...

Pretty Brook (2)

Sputtering brook
winding down
as far as eyes can see
just past our way
fish jump
hearts pump
as lines are cast
the fresh taste of things to come

Cast iron heat
with a little oil, cornmeal
breading and baiting
patience and wait
listen to geese, bullfrogs
small birds, the breeze
the quiet moments we steal

Watch men in waders pass by
in and out of glory
their big fish stories
dip down
into watery holes
up to their knees

You and me,
a pole, wiggly worms and hook
sharing landscape
full of more history than fish
mile for mile
casting a new path
down off Pretty Brook

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Alexis said...

Very pretty photos I love them all.

I figured it could be a tribute to your love of popcorn ... LOL

That is too funny, I can't believe she didn't post the crumbs :). She cracks me up, I'll have to give her a hard time.

Gloria Chadwick said...

I love waterfalls and your pictures are fantastic!

buffalodick said...

If you love fresh water, you'd love Michigan- except it's all frozen right now...

Debra said...

Hi - found you at your sister's blog and had to check you out. I got excited seeing you went to Shreveport. That is were I am from! Born, raised and lived there for 37 years. Been in Ohio for 7 years. These are GREAT pictures!!

TavoLini said...

These are great! Was it cold in Arkansas?

When I lived in Kansas City, we would often take a weekend trip and drive south US 71, winding through the mountains. Such a pretty state.

Chef E said... we are going to plan a trip together, maybe Boston since you have been bugging me about going...

Just telling it like it is said...

You see I knew that we were drawn together by an unknown force...I am from Arkansas and I have been to hot springs and see the sulfur and the mud...
Seriously thanks for stopping by by blog. I hope that you will find yourself there often and find a smile when you suface..
I'm a ER Nurse so expect the unexpected and I like to talk about naughty things...sorry did I just type that out loud???

Teresa Cordero Cordell said...

You've made my day. Beautiful photos and lovely poetry to boot. Thank you so much.

doggybloggy said...

I have been to arkansas too....LOL

Alexis AKA MOM said...

I know kids parties are so much fun with all the screaming and sugar ... LOL sorry just posted on my other blog about yesterday with 2 parties and me wanting to cry ... LOL

But yes the cakes can be really cool. I love making sure the kids have something fun and not just a boring sheet cake. I'm just nuts like that :).

Just telling it like it is said...

I had no idea you were in Dallas..
Spent most of my 20's there and go home often!!

Debra said...

Left you an award on my blog!