Monday, November 17, 2008

Nature's Best

As I have traveled around the country, I have become facinated at capturing just the right moments in natures time.

'Water Bird'

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'The Past'



Capturing Natures Goodies

I grew up in Oklahoma and my parents kept a garden, this is one of my dad's new okra crop coming in this summer/fall.

'Okra' by Donna Kay

Food and wine are one of natures wonderful gifts to this world! I love taking photos at wine events and have had fun with this photo at all angles.

'Another Pour' by Donna Kay

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An Artist Eye

Some of my photos are works in progress, and have been inspired by my work in photography over the years.

'Woman Proud' is a collaboration with my good friend Elizabeth Stelling, who is an artist in her own right.

In Dallas I work with the Summer Musical Guild and photograph their parties during and after shows.

'New Orleans' by Donna Kay

I will get into playing with paint programs and this is the result of a highly frustrated evening on the job...

'Fury' by Donna Kay

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Photos to Paintings

'Mardi Gras' by Donna Kay

Having an eye for simple and ordinary things that would move across a canvas can be one of the most difficult things in my business. I just recently picked up the paint brush with my friend Elizabeth's encouragement and began some works of art.

This photo was orginally taken in the fall of 07, at a farm in Northfork, LI...Harbe's Farm, and is titled...

'Window Box' by Donna Kay

Some of these photos were taken on my trip through the north east in fall of 07, and I have tried to depict the brilliance of the landscapes and other sites. The photo below is a blend of two different photos taken in different areas off the coast.

'Stormy Seas' by Donna Kay

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Friday, November 7, 2008

Fall Discoveries

Fall can be such a majestic sight when the foliage starts to peep out through the green landscape along the north east country side. I had the privilege of this experience while visiting a friend of mine who lives in New Jersey, Chef E. For the past two Octobers she has been my tour guide into Pennsylvania, Southern and North New Jersey, as well as heading up into New York state.

Our last visit together was a road well traveled, and some unforgettable pictures were taken on our journey. As we ventured into Long Island, and over to the north east side of the island, Northfork, the colors of fall only became more brilliant. I want to share some of the trip through photos, as my friend Elizabeth journals about the details and my work. -Donna Kay

Some photos will become watercolor paintings, such as this scene off Herring Cove, MA.

Driving along the coastal shorelines of Cape Cod during October is breath taking. The waves hitting the beach and rocks, and endless signs of wildlife in various marsh locations gave me an opportunity to shoot pictures like these.

This is a classic site along the Cape Cod coastal areas and inlets. Just sitting at the local eateries that dot the marinas, sipping on a Bloody Mary and watching the boats come in and out of the harbor.

All in all it was a wonderful trip and as we process more photos, like our successful hunt for whales and the perfect Bloody Mary; then we will update this blog... -Chef E, Poet/Writer

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Introduction to a photonut

My name is Donna Kay, and I am a photographer that resides in Texas. Originally from Oklahoma, I have lived in Texas for more than a decade and been an active photographer for over thirteen years. My love affair with the camera and most of my subjects began way before I ever bought my first camera.

My goal is to give my clients the utmost in customer service and an outstanding final product. When you see my work I hope that you would see that I take great care in my job as a photographer.

For the past six years I have been the official photographer for the Dallas Summer Musical Guild. You can see my work displayed on my official website,

I also have done work for The Dallas Epilepsy Foundation and La Toque, a charity dinner founded by a local chef, Gilbert Garza of Suze Restaurant here in Dallas for three years; as well as the United Way Foundation.

In the past year or so I have discovered painting my portraits and will post a few here and there as I go, blogging about the experience with the help of a friend, Elizabeth Stelling, who is a published writer and poet. We have been working together creating photo stories told in my work and her poetry, and or short stories. We hope you enjoy what you see!

Dimensions by DK Photography, Inc. has served the Dallas/Fort Worth area since 1995. For your convenience we bring our studio to you. All the pictures presented on our website have been taken on location or at the client's home. We believe this provides our clients a more warm and relaxed setting.

I love meeting people, and giving them beautiful portraits that capture the person, not a stiff, unnatural pose or look.

Remember me for your one-stop shopping for portrait photography, wedding photography and special occasion photography in the Dallas Ft. Worth Metroplex.

All art work on this site and our 'View Art' on the main website are for sale. Contact me for pricing and any other information.