Friday, December 12, 2008

Texas Roads & Sunsets

Old Texas Roads

Long roads in front of me
Come on sister, lets beat the
summer heat and forgotten needs
Lanes one, two, four; they come and roll
Maybe, just maybe trying to line up what I have no control

Wheels pulling this car deeper into pain
Leave behind what is remembered with shame
Highway ghosts cannot be far behind
Review mirror reflections seem there to remind

Old beat up blue car ride
Man behind the wheel grins with his eyes
Louisiana woman at his side
in the back seat dreams remain
a young boy, freckle face, and Mary
running from Texas heat and love
can it be gone; it was what it was

Took the last exit off those old roads
Left fast highways behind years ago
Only passing signs that now say
Read between the lines-- on your way

And-- never forget-- long roads in front of me
old friend full of dusty heat and memories
Windows rolled down; shapes and colors pass by
Past landscapes still comes to mind
Highway ghost coming up fast behind

Old beat up blue car ride-- seems to fade
No grinning driver or Louisiana woman today
Back seat seems empty
But can still hear
Laughter and lies of a young boy, his red headed sister, and little Mary

No longer am I happy with the Texas heat,
long roads, love and what’s to come
Can it really be gone or is it back where I started from

- E Stelling, 2008 ©

Sunset Over Lake Texoma Lake~
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Dee said...

I have spent a lifetime traveling & have always been struck by our Texas Sunsets. They are some of the prettiest in the world. So glad your sis sent you over. Your photos are beautiful. Happy New Year!